Multicultural Table

Datum en tijd: Dinsdag 19 februari 2019 - 19:00 uur
Locatie: Koepelzaal
Titel: Multicultural Table
Georganiseerd door: Multicultural Table
Spreker(s): Rosario Nasca - European Space Agency, Noordwijk
Programma: 19:00 hrs: Lecture plus Q & A, Koepelzaal

All members of De Witte & their guests


Sustainable Use of Space - Space Debris Mitigation

Space debris (also known as "space garbage") is a term for the old and not functioning man-made objects in Earth orbit, such as old satellites and spent rocket parts. The challenge is to limit the number of these objects and avoid their collision, which would on the long-run make it impossible to use orbits for new satellites. Mr. Nasca will explain what is done and could be done to avoid these problems in the interest of preserving a clean Space for the use of future generations. In addition, all space garbage in low altitude orbits re-enters the atmosphere and can pose a potential risk to people on the ground. Mr. Nasca will illustrate  what are these risks and how they are mitigated.


Rosario Nasca


Rosario Nasca is  an Italian  aerospace engineer living in the Netherlands since 1986. He works at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk where he is Head of the Independent Safety Office. His responsibilities include ensuring the safety of the International Space Station astronauts, regulations on protection of planets from man-made contamination, space debris effects mitigation, safety concerns related to man-made objects re-entering earth atmosphere, and safety concerning the use of nuclear power sources for space missions. Currently, Mr. Nasca is in particular involved in the development of guidelines and regulations with regard to the responsible and sustainable use of Space. In the past, Mr. Nasca has been working on the development of the Columbus European Laboratory of the International Space Station, the development of Earth Observation satellites and on scientific instruments for research on the International Space Station.



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