Latin American Table

Datum en tijd: Donderdag 19 september 2019 - 18:00 uur
Locatie: Plein
Titel: Latin American Table
Georganiseerd door: Latin American Table
Spreker(s): Berry Marttin
Programma: 18:00 hours, Walk-in drinks at the Bar area
19:00 hours, Lecture in de Koepelzaal
20:00 hours, Diner

Dear honorary member, members and friends of the “Latin American Table”,


The organizing committee is pleased and honored to announce that Mr. Berry Marttin, Member of the Rabobank Managing Board, has kindly accepted to be our speaker on September 19, 2019. The subject will be:


  “Rabobank, Growing a Better World Together in Latin America”


Dinner will be served at a special reserved table in the main Dining Room on the first floor

(NO last minute reservation), due to limited seats. 

Members and guests who have indicated their choice of menu (Available closer to the lecture date) are obliged to settle their account immediately afterwards.


We kindly ask the NON-members of De Witte to be accompanied to the dining room and any other area of the premises of De Witte only by Mrs. Sonia Meijer, President, or Mr. Jorge Colombo Taricco, Vice-President, due to house rules. 



Yours faithfully,



Chair of the Latin American Table 

Jorge E. Colombo Taricco



Nicolas Castellon

Secretary / Treasurer