Klimaat Tafel

Datum en tijd: Donderdag 6 februari 2020 - 18:00 uur
Locatie: Plein
Titel: Klimaat Tafel
Georganiseerd door: Klimaattafel
Spreker(s): Prof.dr. Joyeeta Gupta
Programma: 18:00 uur, Aanvang Borrel in de Barzaal
19:00 hours, Lecture in de Pleinzaal
20:00 hours, Diner in de Pleinzaal

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Leaving Fossil Fuels Underground: Evolving negotiations and the role of investors and shareholders


The climate change negotiations have been intense over the last twenty years but have avoided the critical issue of directly addressing fossil fuel phase out. Climate change has become a driver of all other problems and has huge consequences including health consequences.


 Achieving the 1.5-2C target calls for leaving more than 80% of the fossil fuels underground. This makes fossil fuels and related infrastructure, as well as the knowledge and human expertise related to it, stranded assets. This will cost the fossil fuel companies and those who invest in them – the pension funds and banks – a lot of money. This presentation will examine the role of big money, pension funds and divestment; export credit and fossil fuels  and the need to find a mechanism for writing off fossil fuel assets world-wide. It will argue against divestment and against using public funds to support fossil fuel assets through e.g. export credit or even trade to the Global South. It will thus examine the evolving nature of local to global environmental justice issues of the mitigation agenda.


About the speaker


Joyeeta Gupta is professor of environment and development in the global south at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research of the University of Amsterdam and IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft. She leads the programme group on Governance and Inclusive Development. She is editor-in-chief of International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics (IF 1.65) and is on the editorial board of Environmental Science and PolicyCurrent Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Carbon and Law ReviewInternational Journal on Sustainable DevelopmentCatalan Environmental Law Journal, Review of European Community and International Environmental Law and the new International Journal of Water Governance.  She was lead author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore. Her books include The Climate Change Convention and Developing Countries - From Conflict to Consensus?On behalf of my DelegationOur Simmering Planet: What to do About Global Warming; and the ‘History of Global Climate Governance’ which won the Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) Choice Award in 2015.


Professor Gupta is chair of the Earth Commission; co-chair of UN Environment’s Global Environmental Outlook-6; she is on the scientific steering committees of international programmes including the Steering Committee of the Global Agricultural Research Partnership (CGIAR) research programme on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (2015-2018); and Future Earth’s Earth System Governance programme (2008-2018). At European level, she is a member of Science Europe’s Scientific Committee for the Sciences and of the Joint Programming Initiative - Climate Transdisciplinary Advisory Board in Brussels. She is on the Supervisory Board of Oxfam Novib and the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, Vice-President of the Commission on Development Cooperation and a member of the Advisory Council on International Affairs, a statutory body that advises three Cabinet Ministers.


After dinner people are invited to join us for drinks and further discussion in the Barzaal.


Dinner is two courses and offers for the main course a choice of meat, fish or a vegetarian dish. Drinks are to be paid separately on the evening.


We kindly request that you confirm your attendance and book dinner by Friday the 31st of January by transferring €30,10 to the account of Sociëteit de Witte, IBAN NL23 RABO 0383.105.021. In the descriptions, please mention your name, the code Klimaattafel 06/02, the choice of meat, fish or vegetarian as well as any dietary wishes.